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Donating blood is not the only way that you can support NYBC. Donating funds to help advance our research, pouring juice for blood donors, or hosting a blood drive at your organization are all ways that you can get involved.

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Donate Funds

Your support touches the lives of those in need.

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Volunteer With Us

Volunteers play a crucial role in helping NYBC save lives each and every day

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Host a Blood Drive

It’s easy to do, and a New York Blood Center Account Manager will be with you every step of the way.

Who You Help

Jennifer Lentini, Blood and Heart Recipient

At age 13, Jennifer Lentini required many blood transfusions as a heart transplant surgery patient.

Michael O'Hara, Blood Donor

Dedicated blood hero Michael O'Hara is thankful to be able to give life through blood, platelet, and plasma donation.

NYBC Stories: Lauren Shields, Blood and Heart Recipient

A virus attacked Lauren Shields' heart, and she required multiple blood transfusions to survive.

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Thanks to everyone making blood and platelet donations as a part of the #stpattysday weekend. Our #nybcbloodhounds @baileydoodle and Charlie are making rounds and helping patients! #powerofthepaw \U0001f489\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f43e\u2618\ufe0f #nybloodcenter \u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\nBailey O\u2019Doodle \U0001f340 always likes to make an appearance at the hospital this time of year! \U0001f603\U0001f49a\U0001f1ee\U0001f1ea\U0001f340 #baileyandcharlie #therapydog #therapydoodle #stpatricksday #irishdoodle
Save lives today with the #nybcbloodhounds @baileydoodle and Charlie! A pet for a pint = most fun you can have saving lives. \U0001f489\U0001f43e\u2764\ufe0f\n\u30fb\u30fb\u30fb\n\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0fBLOOD DRIVE TODAY\u2757\ufe0f\u2757\ufe0f\n.\n.\n\u2764\ufe0f DID YOU KNOW that historic  weather conditions and severe flu outbreaks sweeping across the country are causing critically low blood supplies?! .\n.\n\u2764\ufe0f I\u2019m here to tell you that a #bloodemergency \U0001f198 has been declared. But you can help!! \U0001f64c\U0001f3fb .\n.\n\u2764\ufe0f The @newyorkbloodcenter Blood Drive takes place at @Cohen_childrens Teaching Center all day TODAY 3/11/19 \U0001f3e8\U0001f489\u2764\ufe0f Charlie and I - honorary bloodhounds - are encouraging everyone who can to please donate!!! \U0001f64f\U0001f3fc Look out for Dad and I as we make our rounds through the hospital from 6-9pm - and remember you get a \u2764\ufe0f Pet for a Pint! \u2764\ufe0f THANK YOU!! .\n.\n\u2764\ufe0f For those of you not in the Long Island / NY area, please consider donating to your local blood \U0001f489 drives and blood centers! .\n.\n\n#baileyandcharlie #giveblood #bloodhounds #apetforapint #blooddrive #donateblood #savealife #newyorkbloodcenter #cohenchildrensmedicalcenter #northwelllife #northwellhealth #therapydog #doodlesfamily0311