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Appointments to Donate Blood:

Call (800) 933-2566

Medical Concerns or Questions:

After donation if you feel your blood should not be given to a patient, or if you experience signs or symptoms of illness, call:

Monday - Friday (9AM-5PM): NYBC Special Donor Services at (800) 688-0900 
(After regular hours or on weekends: NYBC Physician on call at (212) 699-5233)

For Hospital Customer Service:

(718) 707-3771

Products and Services Inquiries for Research and Development Projects:

Please review the Research Products page and submit the request form located at the bottom of the Research Products page.

Media Inquiries:

For media inquiries, please complete and submit the Media Contact form.

For all other inquiries, comments or suggestions submit the following form.

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Please describe the location of the donation center if applicable.